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Our Queanbeyan lawyers fight to achieve the best possible outcomes, while reducing the stress involved for clients. This has earned us a strong reputation throughout NSW and the ACT. Our Queanbeyan legal services include:

Family Law

Commercial Law

Wills & Estates

Accidents & Workplace Injuries


Criminal Law

Family Law

At Bevan & Co, we understand the breakup of a relationship can be an emotional and stressful time. Are you going through a divorce or separation? Thick in discussions for how to handle future changes in parenting and property? Allow us to offer our Queanbeyan legal services, especially in family law.

Experience & Support

We specialise in a wide range of family law services, including superannuation splitting and property settlement for couples in de facto relationships. Our family lawyers can also assist married couples who intend to divorce or need help with parenting and financial arrangements.

Our Queanbeyan family lawyer Luke Vozella is a panel member of the Family Law panel for Legal Aid in both NSW and the ACT. With broad experience as a family law advocate, Luke has appeared before the Family Court of Australia. He has also appeared before the Magistrates and Local Courts, District Court and Supreme Courts of the ACT and NSW. He often participates in successful mediation conferences in disputes about custody of children and property.

Luke and our team offer a wide range of Queanbeyan legal services for families, including:

  • • Divorce and separation
  • • Parenting plans
  • • Children matters
  • • Financial and property disputes
  • • Financial agreements
  • • Defacto relationships

Call our friendly team of lawyers in Queanbeyan today at 02 6298 1333 and allow us to provide you the best family law services in Canberra.

Commercial Law

Are you a budding entrepreneur excited about starting your first venture? A business owner looking to expand your horizons? Maybe even a residential owner with some extra space? We offer Queanbeyan legal services specialising in commercial law. We can help you meet your goals in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner.

Experience & Support

Our team of Queanbeyan commercial lawyers provides legal assistance for all your commercial property needs.

Buying and Selling a Business
It can be challenging to set up or wind down a business if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Our team is composed of proud locals who have spent years in Queanbeyan and the ACT. We are familiar with commercial zones and the different state council legal requirements. Our Queanbeyan commercial lawyers take care of the fine print so you can do what you do best.

It’s often said that for business, success boils down to location, location, location. Still, prudent people don’t just jump into a lease agreement without knowing what they’re getting into. At Bevan & Co, we look out for your best interests. Starting a business? We can help you with the legal requirements to set up shop in your ideal commercial space. Expanding or downsizing? We provide valuable advice to save you time and money. Securing a long-term commercial, rural or residential lease? We can ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Looking to maximise your space? Subleasing is a popular option for many Canberra property owners and lessors who would like to get the most out of their space. Our NSW and ACT sub-leasing expertise will certainly help make the process quick and easy. 

Contact our Queanbeyan solicitors at 02 6298 1333 and allow us to provide you the best commercial law services in Canberra.

Wills & Estates

Planning your estate can be challenging and time-consuming, not to mention emotionally stressful. Managed correctly, an estate can protect you, your loved ones, and your property later on in life. Our Queanbeyan estate planners provide legal services, from will production to asset protection, to provide security for your future.

Experience & Support

Bevan & Co’s estate planners give valuable estate planning advice customised to your unique situation. Also, we ensure your estate provides for your beneficiaries, and is distributed at the proper time. This minimises risk on your current sources of income and ensures maximised returns on your investment.

Your will is an important document that details your wishes regarding distribution of your assets and property upon your death. Honest, reliable, and qualified lawyers can ensure everything is legal and efficiently executed according to your wishes.

Bevan & Co can help you in preparing your will, ensuring it is legal and executable. Furthermore, our process is empathetic and respectful of your personal space. We create relationships that let you voice your concerns and enable us to address them satisfactorily.

Are you a relative or someone close to a recently departed person and have learned that you are not in the will? Our Queanbeyan lawyers also provide advice on contesting wills and making claims on family provisions.

Bevan & Co’s experienced estate planning lawyers in Queanbeyan provide professional and practical advice in estate planning and management. We can help you protect your assets and maximise their reach. The areas in which we have expertise include:

   • Power of Attorneys in NSW and the ACT
   • Probate and Letters of Administration
   • Enduring guardianships

Enquire with our friendly team of Queanbeyan estate planners at 02 6298 1333 and allow us to provide you with quality Queanbeyan legal services.

Accidents & Workplace Injuries

Personal or workplace injuries are painful enough without having to go through the legal challenges to claim compensation that is rightfully due you.

Experience & Support

Injured in an accident? Suffered a work-related injury? We can help and advise of your entitlements to compensation for the injury, including loss of wages.

Peter Bevan obtained specialist qualification as an Accredited Specialist Personal Injury Law in 1998. He has maintained this specialisation for twenty consecutive years. As a result, he can help in ACT and NSW motor vehicle accident compensation claims, civil liability claims, Comcare and Workers Compensation claims.

Because Queanbeyan lawyer fees are determined by the work required and how long it takes, experienced lawyers are cost-effective. Because they are efficient, they mean less time and less cost. Necessary expenses such as medical reports and court fees are expensive and Bevan & Co can assist by offering ‘No win, no fee’ arrangements for our Queanbeyan legal services.

Reach out to our team of Queanbeyan personal accident lawyers today at 02 6298 1333 and allow us to help you with your accident and workplace injury claims.


Bevan & Co knows that buying or selling your home is an important step in your life, whether as a first home buyer or established owner. Don’t get buried in an avalanche of legal paperwork! Our licensed conveyancers can help with efficient, friendly and experienced advice.

Experience & Support

In real estate, there are many kinds of property transactions, all of which have their own unique procedures. Don’t stress, our team has substantial expertise in property law. Considering investing in a business, rural, or commercial property? Looking to buy a personal property for now or your retirement? Our conveyancers in Queanbeyan will ensure you have everything you need to make the right decisions.

We make it easy for sellers

Our significant Canberra conveyancing experience ensures all legal requirements are prepared clearly and on time. From confirming the legality of the Contract for Sale to identifying potential areas that may delay your sale, we work to facilitate the fast delivery of your transaction.

We make it easy for buyers

Our Queanbeyan conveyancers understand the pitfalls of the fine print. We ensure the legitimacy of sellers’ titles so property details match what’s written in the contract. We communicate with you clearly and efficiently. This ensures peace of mind, maximises your investment and minimises your risk.

Call our friendly team of Queanbeyan property lawyers today at 02 6298 1333 and allow us to provide you the best conveyancing services in Canberra.

Criminal Law

Do you need a criminal lawyer? We have the experience to help and support you through the legal process to gain the best possible outcome.

Queanbeyan Legal Services:

Experience & Support

Bevan & Co understands that going to Court is a serious matter and, if not legally aided, costly. This is why our expert criminal lawyers strive to achieve the best outcome for you at the least cost possible. Our vast experience as advocates in court matters ensures you don’t pay twice by paying for multiple lawyers.

Our criminal law firm offers both expertise and experience though Peter Bevan and Luke Vozella. Peter is an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law. His personal criminal law experience exceeds those of many other Queanbeyan criminal lawyers. Similarly, results-driven Luke Vozella is determined to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our qualified and experienced team keeps up to date with current criminal law. This ensures our criminal law services are accurate, reliable and cost-efficient. It allows for the best possible outcome for any criminal complaint or charge, including:

   • Traffic offences
   • Drink and drug driving
   • Drug offences
   • Sex offences
   • Assaults
   • Dishonesty and theft
   • Computer offences

Allow us to offer you reliable criminal law services, as well as other Queanbeyan legal services.Contact our reliable team of Queanbeyan criminal lawyers today at 02 6298 1333

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