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Commenced by Peter Bevan in 2006, Bevan & Co Lawyers & Conveyancers specialises in criminal law, property law, family law and commercial law. In addition, we have a wealth of expertise in matters of personal and work injury, car accidents and defacto relationships. Our Queanbeyan lawyers can also assist with leases, mortgages, buying and selling of businesses, and much more.

Because we aim to provide you, the client, with the best possible result, our keen eye for detail helps us become familiar with your case. As a result, we are confident that we will represent you well.

In contrast to other Queanbeyan lawyers, we commit to offer most of our legal services at a fixed price. Because of this client-first mindset, we have earned a reputation as one of the most trustworthy law firms in Queanbeyan.

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Our Vision

Above all, we envision our law firm to be the most trusted provider of quick, reliable and affordable Queanbeyan legal services.

Company Philosophy

Bevan & Co’s philosophy is to provide our clients with the best possible result.

Meet the Team

Our team has more than thirty years’ combined experience in criminal, family and property law.

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Peter Bevan - Criminal, Litigation & Family Lawyer

Peter has been a lawyer since 1987. He has practised in Queanbeyan, Canberra and New South Wales since 1989. Because he is a Law Society Accredited Specialist, he offers more knowledge, experience and expertise then other general practice lawyers in Queanbeyan.

Furthermore, he has held NSW Law Society Accredited Specialisation in both Criminal Law and Personal Injury Law for over twenty years. Due to changes in his workload, though, he now maintains his Specialisation solely in Criminal Law.

Peter’s vast experience in criminal law varies from simple traffic matters before Magistrates, to conducting jury trials for serious criminal offences. A member of the NSW and ACT Legal Aid panels, including the specialist NSW Legal Aid Serious Crime panel, he has also argued appeals to a panel of Judges in Courts of Appeal.

Peter is the only qualified Criminal Law specialist in Queanbeyan; he is one of only two in Canberra private practice.

Peter can help in NSW and Canberra court matters, including all criminal law and family law. He also can assist with traffic offences and general litigation.

Peter is also excellent in matters of personal injury, workers’ compensation, and care. He also has considerable expertise in wills and probates, contract disputes and family provisions claims.

Rachel Bevan - Licensed Conveyancer

A Licensed Conveyancer specialising in property law, Rachel attained her Licensed Conveyancer qualifications at Macquarie University. She has over 25 years’ conveyancing experience. Also, she is the first Licensed Conveyancer in Queanbeyan and a Justice of the Peace.

Rachel’s main work areas include property law, buying and selling in NSW and the ACT, and off the plan (both NSW and ACT). She also specialises in rural transactions, leases, developments and buying and selling a business.

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