No matter the state of our relationships, it’s a good idea to get a Queanbeyan family lawyer. Some couples may be afraid of experienced family lawyers. Others think they’re unnecessary expenses. Soon, most put their fears to rest because getting the right family lawyer helps reduce stress.

An experienced Queanbeyan family lawyer knows your legal rights and options.

In Australia, family law differs from state to state. For example, a knowledgeable family lawyer in Queanbeyan knows what laws apply in Queanbeyan. He can help clients avoid confusion on issues like marriage, divorce, parenting, and the fair distribution of property upon separation.

He offers practical legal advice.

It’s one thing to know the law; it’s another thing to apply it well in particular situations. An experienced family lawyer can provide valuable advice in difficult situations like divorce, which involves child support and assets. As a result, you can map out a plan together that ensures you get the best results.

He prepares your consent orders.

So, after your lawyer and you agree on a course of action, he can prepare your consent orders. These written agreements cover family arrangements like children, property, and financial maintenance. Because a court can enforce any penalties outlined in a breached consent order, it’s important your consent orders are airtight. Rather than risk doing the wrong thing by preparing the consent orders yourself, you can have your lawyer prepare them for you.

Are you looking for an experienced Queanbeyan family lawyer?

Bevan & Co understands negative family situations can be difficult. Our Queanbeyan law firm’s family lawyer, Luke Vozella, has helped many couples move forward. Empathetic and reliable, his years of experience in family law makes him a solid choice.

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